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“Laura is simply a magnificent combination of world class physiological knowledge, and a mastery of holistic methods that combine to make her unique and invaluable. Laura brought be back from the brink of surgery because a pinched nerve that incapacitated me for several months — then she began to help me work back to full and robust health and mobility. I recommend her without reservation. A world class physical therapist with deep knowledge and amazing skills.”
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My Mission: To get you back to doing what you love. To help you heal the shit that gets in the way of living fiercely alive! 

I have an intense passion and mission to inspire your fiercely alive whole self by teaching you the tools to integrate mind, body and soul for better healing. Maybe there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything? 

I will help you REDEFINE HEALING and teach you how, through the practice of awareness, you can tap into your own inner guide and healing power. Once connected to this source, you will have the opportunity to use specific exercises and techniques to improve body symmetry, decrease pain, ignite creativity and wake up everyday into a life or business you enjoy.

If you’re a BRAVE healer and you’re starting to feel tired, unenthusiastic or uninspired…wondering what’s happening to you or why you’re starting to resent what you’re doing – I’m here to help you change all that and re-discover your energy, passion and enthusiasm for your healing business. You have to come first – and your clients will feel the shift.

“Nobody is better than Laura at connecting the dots on why something hurts or won’t work. It isn’t always obvious. Her knowledge of anatomy and what connects to what is astounding. She is the best, and a lovely soul to boot.”
Lori Woerhle, Managing partner at Leapfrog Group

“In order to be a good teacher, you must be a good student. Laura is hands down one of THE most dedicated students I’ve ever met, and that has been the catalyst for her being an extraordinary teacher.

She truly practices and embodies EVERY single thing she preaches. Mind/Body/Spirit/Soul healing isn’t just her work, it’s the reason she was born. Laura is here to set the world free in every sense of the word.

Whether she is making art, cooking, writing a blog post, creating her next book, teaching a class, having a private session with a client, or doing her own healing, the core of it all is the same: she is being a trailblazing warrior who really cares what every person she encounters experiences in their daily life. She is igniting the blueprint that shows the world how to be fiercely alive, on purpose, fulfilled and brave.

I have learned so much from Laura. Her energy, wisdom, love, expertise & passion has turned everything she touches into gold, and she is actively showing others how to do the same.

You may come to Laura wanting to learn how to get rid of pain, to learn how to embrace movement or soulful writing or to finally learn how to make this mind/body/spirit/soul thing work for you: but what you will gain is incomprehensible. You will awaken to your soul’s mission, align with your life purpose, create your own revolution and be empowered with everything that it takes to be YOU, happily, authentically & with ease.

Thank you Laura for being one of the brightest sparks of light that I know.”
Torrie Pattillo
Soul-Level Strategist for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs